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Parikshya is a platform for online study. With online study, students can read the same topic, in their own time and with their own device, regardless where they live. The objective of Parikshya is also to evaluate students on basis of fully automated online exam system that not only saves a lot of time but also gives fast results. This will help in speeding up the process of conducting examination. The system will have the ability to automatically process the results of examination based on the question database. You online need a browser and an internet connection. It is powered by DEVS NEPAL.

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Custom Created Exam

Exams are made as per the individual specifications. Individuals can choose the type of exams according to their faculty.

Regular Updates

You will be benefited with new topics and question sets in regular updates. We will have daily and weekly mass exam as well.

Questions Pool

We have a huge pool of questions for different subjects. Select your favorite subject and test your knowledge on that.

Video Lessons

As video tutorial impacts more than the text, we will be providing with the video lessons on different topics.

Parikshya, an online examination system with 100% accurate and versatile examination system was brought up as the boon for many students like us. This online exam helped me a lot with my fear of exam and ended up the feeling of tedious. Neither there was the chances of cheating nor was any mishap possible as the system was so designed with password protection. Ending up in nutshell, “Parikshya” was really the best website for all of us.
Sandhya Subedi
The online regular exam was so beneficial for me as an entrance seeking student. It really helped me with the concepts and patterns of entrance questions. There were many features like weekly test, monthly test, self-test and many more which were quite an effective way to learn. Thus I strongly recommend to use this feature for the enhanced learning!!
Bishal Bastola
The platform used to create online exam, allocate test, analyze report for test, no doubtly made me realize that I have still so much to study. You don’t have to walk a mile for giving a test, just using your leisure time for an hour could enhance your knowledge. The test format is pretty good. Dear students, I guarantee you that, if you give your precious time to this platform, they will make sure your good grade in real exams.
Samikshya Parajuli
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